Friday, August 7, 2009

Update on Kansas

We moved from Atlanta to a suburb of Kansas City a few weeks ago called Overland Park and shockingly enough, I really like it here. I thought it would be desolate and lame like it sounds but it's actually very nice. We probably live in the nicest city in Kansas, which I guess the rest of the state could be lame. Where was Dorothy from? We got to visit some church history sites last Sunday. The one in the above picture is Adam-Ondi-Ahman, which is basically just a big green parky area if you don't know what went on there or what will go on there. I think we're planning to go to Liberty Jail this Sunday.

My job since we moved here is to babysit this little guy. His mom sells out here and since I quit that long ago, I'm available to watch him for 6 hours a day. He loves playing in this dog cage and sometimes I lock him in there when he's naughty. Just kidding Carrie :)
Life is going good. We move back to Utah in 2 months or so. Is that sad that the only reason I don't want to move back is because there are way better restaurants here?