Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is there sugar in syrup?

After years of being told he looks like Will Ferrell, I finally convinced Trey to dress up as Buddy the Elf. He's never embraced his celeb look alike status, but this year I practically forced it on him. And since I'm fat with child, I thought being Santa with a natural big belly would fit perfectly.
Our doctor/friend let Trey borrow this nice, velvet costume, while mine was of the homemade sort. Not quite as fancy, but it got the job done.
Jenna and her little family were perfectly coordinated. Cash's costume even had pads in the shirt and pants.
Ash and her two kids were jockeys, while Cam had absolutely no coordination with them and was a rocker of some sort.
I didn't get pictures of the other two families but we did take a group shot. We had a great time partying as much as we know how when Monday Night Football is on simultaneously.
In all honesty, I don't love Halloween and I hate the pressure of dressing up. I prefer to leave my house and turn the lights off to avoid trick-or-treaters. The kids are cute and all, but when the truckloads of teenagers show up, it's not so cute anymore. This annual party with my family, however, is actually something I look forward to since we can all make fun of each other and look ridiculous without actually going in public. Tomorrow night, however, Trey and I will be in public in our costumes and you better believe we are for sure not dressing like this. It'll be much more toned down.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Relaxi Taxi

Recently, Trey's lease on his car ended and we decided to be a little more thrifty so instead of getting him a new car, he downgraded to my Xterra and I downgraded to one of the summer work vans! Minivans aren't necessarily considered cool, but they're probably even less cool when you don't even have kids to put in them. Here's what I'm cruising in these days...
It may not be cool, but it sure is hard to deny the convenience of a minivan. I can only imagine how nice it will be when the baby comes. If you're jealous that I get to drive this car around the town, just let me know because we have another one just like it (a white version) parked side-by-side in the garage that we will sell you! I know, it's tempting.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Vacation Before the Baby

My parents did something pretty awesome and took 5 of their 6 children (with spouses) on a cruise to the Caribbean last week. We had a great time and I definitely added some pounds to my 26 week pregnant bod. We ate ALL the time. Here's a shot of the group one night at dinner, minus my parents, who were nice enough to babysit the 6 grandkids that came on the cruise at the other table.
Of all the places I've been in the Caribbean, Jamaica is one of my favorites, only because of those waterfalls you see in the back of the picture below. It's about a 2 hour hike up them and so much fun. Other than that, Jamaica is dirty. So dirty.
This was our last port in Cozumel Mexico. My poor ankles turned to cankles after walking around so much through all the shops and on the beach, but luckily they went away a few days later.
These were the waitresses we had through the whole week. Ezgi on the right, Devvy on the left. They are the reason I look fat here. They just kept bringing out more food!
These boys are all smiling now, but maybe I shoulda taken another picture when their luck was running out.
This baby will be here before we know it and this trip was a great last one to have before she gets here. Thanks again mom and dad for hookin' us all up!