Monday, July 18, 2011

My baby is chubbier than your baby

Indie turned 6 months old a couple weeks ago and I am loving every second with her. She is the happiest, most content baby and I love hanging out with her and her squishy little body. I took a few pictures of her and ended up getting only one good one. She is always so smiley but as soon as I pulled out the camera this time, she pulled out the stink face.
Here she is loosening up a bit...
And I have about 15 more that look like this...
She wasn't upset or anything so I thought it was hilarious that this is how she chose to look at the camera.

I still have no news to report about her rolling over or sitting up, but she is enjoying some solid foods now and sleeping great unswaddled, praise the heavens above. She also has two teeth now that poked through about a week before she hit 6 months. I love them except when she bites me and makes me own fault, I know.