Monday, January 17, 2011

Gosh, she's beautiful

We are so in love with this little girl.

And we like Bri, too, for taking her pictures...and for many other reasons :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little sneak peek!

Bri did a great job taking pictures of our little princess and family. You can see more on her blog if you want!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here she is...Indie Lyn Warner

On Monday morning (January 3), I woke up at 2am to my water breaking. We went to the hospital about two hours later and the nurse told me I was barely dilated to a 1. Awesome! After three hours of no progress and being hooked up to many monitors (Indie's heart rate kept dropping), they gave me some Pitocin to try to get things moving. That also caused her heart rate to drop so my doctor told me we were in for a long day and Indie might not arrive until the following morning. However, Indie kicked it into high gear and I was fully dilated just 5 hours later. What a blessing! This is Trey and I right before they gave me the go-ahead to start pushing.
I hate to be that person but I seriously pushed for 15 minutes tops and Indie flew out of me. Everyone kinda jumped back because she came out so unexpectedly fast. They had many nurses in the room waiting for her since they weren't sure what her condition would be once she came out with all the heart rate droppage, but luckily they didn't need to be used at all. The little girl was absolutely perfect, weighing in at 5lbs 7 oz, 19 inches long. Here's my team of amazing people that helped bring Indie into the world...
When they let me hold her, she was wide awake and staring right at me. They kept her extremely bundled because she was so tiny and they said she had no fat on her to keep her warm.
She got to wear this sweet hat the whole time in the hospital to help keep her temperature up. I thought it was pretty funny since it was so huge, but she didn't seem to mind.
The proud father holding his little girl, who looks very much like him!When she is awake, she is very awake and alert. We don't get to see this too often, but every now and again she will shock us and stay up for nearly an hour.
I just don't think this picture does justice to show how small this little thing is. She doesn't fill out anything, including her own skin. It's so loose on her body, it's hilarious!
My friend, Bri, came over today and took some pictures of Indie so hopefully those will be available soon so you can see her cute little naked body! Overall, the whole day was pretty amazing with how everything worked out. I was never nervous like I thought I would be and never worried that anything would be wrong with my little baby. We are so happy that she is here and even happier that she decided to grace us with her presence 11 days early. I was planning to be induced a week early just because they knew she was small and thought she might have a heart arrhythmia but I guess she didn't think that was soon enough. Thank heavens!