Friday, January 30, 2009

The Bachelor!

I just Wikipedia'd The Bachelor and discovered there have been 13 different ones, I've seen 5. As for the Bachelorette, there have been 4, I have seen 3. To me, this doesn't show that I am a Bachelor fanatic, as I have only been a viewer 47% of the time. However, this season I would definitely fit in the "fanatic" category, which sounds somewhat crazy but is really just a longer word for fan. Irrelevant...moving on. 

One thing I find as I watch the Bachelor is that I love to criticize all of the girls, except the few that I am rooting for. This has been a great season to be able to do that. If you watch the show I am almost positive you will share my sentiments on a few of the girls. Starting with the easiest to criticize...Sha Nay Nay, or Shannon. From Day 1 she has bothered me with her huge chiclet teeth and her stalker-like ways of trying to get to know Jason. This woman should not have been allowed on the show, she is crazy. She was entertaining to watch though, but in a very annoying sort of way. Second, who I like to call Sideburns, or Nikki. Despite her uptight attitude and need to control everything in her life (which was a red flag in itself), I could not get past her thick, coarse sideburns. Some girls have these, but most that I've seen try to hide them and don't trim them perfectly to make them look even thicker. She had a kiss with Jason that I had to rewind at least 10 times and then call Trey downstairs to come watch. So awesomely awkward that I'm glad it's still on my DVR. Next is Megan who reminded me too much of someone that I don't like so she didn't have a chance in my book. I think she dropped the F bomb every single episode and basically devoured Jason when she got to kiss him. Not the classy mom type in my opinion. Lastly on my list is Lauren (luckily all of these girls were eliminated on Monday). I think she thought she was funny trying to boss Jason around but clearly he wasn't catching onto her humor that wasn't even funny. I personally enjoyed how cocky she was, just knowing her time was coming to an end. Also, her singing voice is comical. I don't usually criticize people that can't sing (because I can't!) but if you think you're amazing and you aren't, you've got it coming.

There are now 5 girls left for Jason to pick thru. Stephanie, who has the body of an 18 year old and the face of a 45 year old woman after 3 face lifts, is the most genuine and mature of all, probably because she is by far the oldest. I like her as a person, but there's no way Jason will pick her. Naomi reminds me of Eva Mendez, with an underbite. I have nothing against her but after Jason's speech to her the other night, I'm pretty sure she doesn't stand a chance. Jillian is nice and seems to be mature about everything but her first time talking to Jason she talked about her weird hot dog theory and lost me as a fan. I don't like it when the prospective girls make Jason do things. He's there to evaluate them, not the other way around. Molly is a girl that has gone farther than I wanted her to. After revealing that her secret talent was kissing, I saw her as pathetic. She's grown on me a little, but I hated how she was after the camp out with Jason..."I'm so tired. I'm going to be sleeping all day. Blah blah blah." Lame. Melissa is the one I'm wanting to win. I've liked her from Day 1 (ask Mickell) and she looks just like Mandy Moore (luckily she doesn't act like her too). So that's my prediction, Melissa is going to win, hopefully.

Don't judge me, Trey is out of town and I'm bored on a Friday night. If you watch the show, let me know who you're rooting for!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Live Mexico

Trey and I randomly decided to go to Cancun eight days before actually taking off last week. The Jazz 100 Club has been going a few years in a row now and we got lucky enough to sneak in with the rich folks. Scott and Mickell were there with us too. We haven't had a tropical vacation in more than 2 years so it was wonderful. Except that the sun didn't come out until our last day there and we had to leave for the airport at 1pm. Big time bummer.
This was just at the shopping mall across the street from our hotel, right before eating a good American meal at Chili's. I was not impressed with the majority of the food we ate there so Chili's was a breath of fresh air.  Soda, on the other hand, was delicious. I probably drank a gallon a day. 
Look at that sexy, seductive beach babe! This picture was making fun of a woman who was doing all these poses on the edge of the infinity pool and Trey just couldn't resist. He's still got it, doesn't he ladies?! :)
The view from our hotel room...or in other words, all those stupid pools gone to waste by the thick cloud cover making it too cold to even put a swim suit on. 

After hopelessly laying out on Saturday with no sun in sight, we decided to get off our bums and go tour some Mayan ruins. I complain about the sun, but it was about 50 degrees warmer than Utah so that's better than nothing. I'm ready for another vacation. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let It Snow!!

It has been snowing for 2 days straight and I am just as happy as all the little kids that get to go sledding...I even asked Mickell to send Chase out to play with me if he wanted to! I haven't taken Walter on a walk for months cause it's been cold (and I'm lazy) but the last two nights I've taken him out for at least 45 minutes just so I could be in the snow too. Trey's been out of town so I've been in charge of shoveling the driveway and I've had to do it about 4 times now and I don't even care. Those snow blowers look kinda fun though so I think it's time to make a new purchase. 

We just got in from being outside and unfortunately all the snow has taken out my directv. It also took me out 3 times in the last two days. All three times I had a leash in one hand and a phone in the other so I didn't really have a chance at saving myself. I was hoping somebody would see me each time cause it was hilarious but no one ever did. I hope it stops snowing long enough tomorrow for Trey's plane to land but after that I'd like it to get started again. Who wants to go boarding with me? I'm serious.

These pictures were taken with my phone so not the best quality and it was dark outside. Walter was happy as could be.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Friends!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my niece, Taya, and my dog, Walter. They are best friends! Taya can't say much but she can say "Dobby" and whenever she sees Walter she crawls over to him and opens her mouth so he can lick inside it. Gross? Maybe...but too cute to matter. Taya has kind of corrupted Walter though, because now he thinks he can lick inside any child's mouth. Most parents aren't super cool with that, especially when Walter will go inside a kid's mouth to steal the food out of it.