Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rated Hero

Trey's band has been writing a lot of new stuff lately so we want to see what the world thinks about it. Here's a demo of one of the songs. Let me know how it makes you feel inside.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Helpful Hints…or in other words, I’m Bored

I don’t have anywhere to be for about an hour so I thought I’d share some words I like to call wisdom.

1. There’s a common phrase about having a “buttload” of something. Did you know it’s actually supposed to be a “boatload?” Think about what you’re saying with the first one and you realize how stupid you sound. Trey brought this to my attention.

2. If you want your house to smell better, put some potpourri in your vacuum bags. It smells amazing and you might enjoy vacuuming even more. Or you can be like Ashley and pour it directly into your vents.

3. Speaking of vacuums, if you have 2 levels in your house buy 2 vacuums. I find that I don’t vacuum the upstairs as much because I hate carrying the vacuum up there so I recently purchased a second one. Now I’m just waiting for it to come in the mail so I can vacuum upstairs. Lazy American? No, smart American.

4. Don’t quit eating a delicious food you love for the sake of a diet. It will only make you miserable. That’s why I’m never quitting Diet Pepsi again…it makes me happy. Just work out a little harder if you need to.

5. Shop more on eBay. I save so much money on dumb things like razor blades or even perfume when I get it on eBay instead of paying full price at the store. And plus, it’s fun to get packages once in a while.

6. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get gas til the light comes on in my car. I recently found out that you should not go below 1/4 tank because there is actually a lot of crap at the bottom of the tank that will clog your fuel filter and pump. After spending more than $2000 this summer to fix both of our vans fuel pumps and filters I have learned my lesson.

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head but if you have any ideas that would improve my life and well-being please share them with me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cold Blooded

I'm sure most couples are the same as us...wife likes a normal temperature in the house, while husband likes it a bit colder, usually uncomfortably colder. Trey takes hot showers every night before bed too so that makes his body temperature even hotter. Usually I'm okay with opening the window, I like it colder when I sleep too. But last night Trey opened the window and put a fan in front of it to bring the cold air in faster. He also thought it was funny to point the fan straight at my face. It was 39 degrees outside and our heat was turned off, so there was nothing to combat the pneumonia I was sure to wake up with. Under 10 lbs of blankets I actually slept pretty good (and Trey woke up in the middle of the night to shut the window...he was cold :) ). After I got home from working out this morning I told Trey it was time to turn on the heater. He jokingly said no because even he knew it was freezing. I checked the thermostat and it said 59. Poor little Walter gets so cold without much hair since we shaved him but luckily with his new purchase he was okay with the winter weather inside our house. What do you think?
I'm not as lame as you think. I don't ever dress my dog up in clothes, but he really does shiver when I take him out. And plus, this is a very manly hoodie. And his collar has fake spikes on it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Road Trip

After 5 months of agony, Trey and I left Detroit for good...hopefully. We made a stop on our drive home in Chicago to hang out with our family there. We ended up staying for 2 days and got a chance to go to the Chicago aquarium. Luckily I had Ashley snap this photo before the lady came over and said no flash photography. We are cheesy, but mostly just so happy to not be in Detroit anymore.
The aquarium had a 4-D movie theater, which included water being sprayed in your face, a stick jabbing much too hard in your back, a nice mildew smell and lots of screaming children who did not appreciate being sprayed in the face. Taya and Ash had to spend most of their time outside.
Once we decided to leave Chicago, our next destination was straight home to Utah. Unfortunately, after just 3 hours of driving, the stupid van wouldn't start after we filled up for gas. We left it at the gas station and called the tow truck the next morning to come get us. So it turned out that Williamsburg, Iowa was our next destination, since we had to stay there overnight in a hotel room that could've been decorated by your local grandmother, with plenty of quilted and cross stitched items to go around. I was really surprised Trey wasn't that mad...he said he was just happy to be out of Detroit and going home.
After 5 hours of chilling in the auto shop we were finally back on the road again. Not the funnest time of my life but really no surprise since the vans have been breaking down all summer. We've made auto friends/enemies from Orem, UT to Jersey City, NJ and hopefully we will never have to see any of them again. I ended the summer with 90 sales, which was 10 short of my goal but 90 better than what I expected after that first week of tears. Hallelujah.