Friday, October 3, 2008

Road Trip

After 5 months of agony, Trey and I left Detroit for good...hopefully. We made a stop on our drive home in Chicago to hang out with our family there. We ended up staying for 2 days and got a chance to go to the Chicago aquarium. Luckily I had Ashley snap this photo before the lady came over and said no flash photography. We are cheesy, but mostly just so happy to not be in Detroit anymore.
The aquarium had a 4-D movie theater, which included water being sprayed in your face, a stick jabbing much too hard in your back, a nice mildew smell and lots of screaming children who did not appreciate being sprayed in the face. Taya and Ash had to spend most of their time outside.
Once we decided to leave Chicago, our next destination was straight home to Utah. Unfortunately, after just 3 hours of driving, the stupid van wouldn't start after we filled up for gas. We left it at the gas station and called the tow truck the next morning to come get us. So it turned out that Williamsburg, Iowa was our next destination, since we had to stay there overnight in a hotel room that could've been decorated by your local grandmother, with plenty of quilted and cross stitched items to go around. I was really surprised Trey wasn't that mad...he said he was just happy to be out of Detroit and going home.
After 5 hours of chilling in the auto shop we were finally back on the road again. Not the funnest time of my life but really no surprise since the vans have been breaking down all summer. We've made auto friends/enemies from Orem, UT to Jersey City, NJ and hopefully we will never have to see any of them again. I ended the summer with 90 sales, which was 10 short of my goal but 90 better than what I expected after that first week of tears. Hallelujah.


Brad said...

Bet you are glad to be home! Now you just need to make a Road down to the HB, Ca and come visit us and the little Tan-Man! About the Van. If Trey would just buy his cars from me, you guys would never have this problem!

Danny & Lindsay said...

can I just say I'm so glad you made it out of there alive. yes, alive. good job.

Krista said...

Wow, you should write a book on all your trips back and forth to sell systems. It would be so entertaining. It's so good to have that behind you. At least for a few months. Oops, I shouldn't have added that. So glad to have you closer, and safe.