Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pointless. Totally pointless.

Out here in Kansas, I have way too much time on my hands. And that is an understatement. I work for my husband's company, but that work takes up about 30 minutes of my day. The other 15-16 hours are left wide open. I check my blog list at least once every couple of hours to see if anyone in my sidebar has updated their blog. I wish you would all update every single day just to give me something to do. If you are not in my sidebar, send me a link to your blog so I can have additional reading material. Please. I'm bored.

On account of my boredom, I've taken up a new shopping. I'm a social shopper, which means when I have no friends in Kansas to shop with, I don't make it to the mall too often. I don't go shopping with a list of things I need and only leave with those things. I go with an open mind, a friend or two, and come home with things I definitely don't need. I like it that way. Take all these factors into account and I am a perfect candidate for these online sites. And not just any site but the ones with the sales. The ones that are all about the daily deals so it's easy to justify spending money, even though you never would have bought the item had you walked past it in the store. Something about knowing I saved money and anticipating the package is too hard to resist. Take this for example...two days ago I was directed to a daily deal for an innovative baby bottle shaped just like a boob, proclaiming to help babies eat better when they can't be breastfed. I don't have a baby or even one on the way, but I just couldn't resist how cool it sounded. I even researched a little and discovered that J.Lo buys those bottles so you better believe I have 6 on the way.

I used to have about 4 sites I'd check every few hours to scope out the latest deal but then I found a website called that combines every daily deal site into one. Whiskey Militia and Brociety are easily the top sites, but there are some other good ones on there too if you wanna check it out.