Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bachelorette

This whole season I've always felt like Ed would be chosen in the end, even when I liked others better. Even when others had much better bodies and much longer shorts, Ed just stood out to me and I couldn't understand why until a few weeks ago. I can basically sum it up like this...Ed is a dork and Jillian is a dork. Together, they are perfectly dorky. Side note...Did anyone laugh as hard as I did when they showed the guys getting ready for the final rose and they showed Ed in his boxer briefs? He has received some serious leg time on this show. 

Kiptyn was a nice, cool guy. That second adjective is why he wasn't really in love with Jillian and why it never would have worked. He was cool. She was not. If those two met randomly on the street or got set up outside of reality tv (which I would like to discuss later), maybe they would have gone on two dates. Jillian would have wanted more, but Kiptyn probably wouldn't have given her the time of day. This whole season I felt like he was forcing it for the sake of the show. Maybe it was wonderful and magical at the time, but once their dates/trips weren't paid for by ABC, their relationship would have been over. Deep down, I think Kiptyn knew this and that's why he didn't propose. That's also why he accepted defeat much too easily. That's also why the cameras stayed on him awkwardly too long in the limo waiting for him to shed a tear and he just couldn't do it. Have you seen The Holiday with Cameron Diaz? That's what it reminded me of...like he was trying so hard to cry but he just couldn't muster out a single tear. 

Reid...nice try. You got dumped not once, but twice. The best part is that you were 100% certain she would choose you and those white shoes. You said that you had to pull some serious strings to come back to Hawaii but I'm going to call your bluff on that one. I guarantee ABC was just eating that one up. Oh, the drama! I feel bad for you because you were funny and made fun of Jillian to her face, but life goes on. Mine already did.

I think I laughed more during this episode than any one before it. Jillian's facial expressions were to die for. She kept reminding me of a beaver last night. Fast forward to the last 20 minutes and you'll see it too. Which kind of brings me to my next point...reality tv. Why do they call it that when it definitely isn't? They should call it semi-reality tv. First off, 30 attractive, successful men going after you at the same time is not reality. If it is, I got screwed. Secondly, reality is not traveling to Canada, Spain, Hawaii and wherever else with all these men you've known for weeks. And third and most important, I do not see reality every time Jillian stands on her balcony or a cliff and stares into the distance, pondering all that is before her. What I see is the producers saying, "Ok Jillian we wanna get a shot of you doing this or that. Go stand over there and look over there and pretend to be deep." I'm not buying it. 

I could make fun of this show for many paragraphs more but I will refrain. Many have asked if I will be watching More to Love, the overweight version of the Bachelor. That all depends on how desperate I get for entertainment, but I can tell you now I will not be blogging about it if I do!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joey and Janice's Day of Fun!

On Sunday we are moving to Kansas City to finish out the rest of the summer so Trey and I decided to at least attempt to visit some of the places Atlanta has to offer before we take off. We started out at the aquarium, which is apparently the largest aquarium in the world. We went in this tunnel under a very large tank full of fish and I think it made me claustrophobic cause I was not feeling so hot afterwards. It was either that or the 8 foot dead squid they had on display. 

This whale shark is supposedly a big attraction here. They have 4 of them that were shipped over from Taiwan thanks to UPS and watching the video on that process was pretty cool. You can pay $225 to swim with them, but we weren't trying to get too crazy. Who spends $500 for one aquarium visit? Just go to the ocean and swim with the sharks for free. 

After the aquarium we walked over to the World of Coca Cola. Coke was invented in Atlanta so they've made an attraction out of it with some exhibits, a 4D movie theater (my favorite), and a tasting room full of different Coke products sold on all the continents. The majority of them made me gag. I think pee probably tastes better than most of the drinks I tasted. Here Trey is toasting his free Coke Zero that they hand out to everybody. 

4D movies are one of my favorite things in life and luckily we got to go see 2 on this day. Even though I always cover my face when the water sprays I can't stop laughing and loving it. The best one I've ever been to was with my mom out here in Atl. So far, nothing has come close to that, but the 2 from this day were still pretty fun. On a side note, I got an iPhone this week and I am in love with it. Why have I not gotten one before now when I am the second biggest Apple lover I know?

Monday, July 13, 2009

28 down, 1 more to go

Well well well. Look who the final two are. The two I initially liked from the beginning. Do I still like them? That's beside the point. I can tell you that I liked Kiptyn more after this episode and apparently Jillian did too. However, when those two are together they tend to turn into Mr. and Mrs. Winky McWinkster. What is it about them winking all the time? Ultimate cheesiness. 

Poor Reid just could not express himself if his life depended on it. I think maybe he'll do better though with a girl he actually has time to get to know and love. I don't blame him for being logical and not falling in love so dang fast. It was funny when they sat on the bench after he got dumped and Reid just would not take a hint and leave. Was he hoping she was going to take it back? He says, "So what do we do now?" And Jillian says, "We say goodbye." Ouch. 

Ok guys, let's not blame Ed for forgetting his swim shorts and having to borrow Jillian's. Wearing hers was better than wearing nothing, right? But seriously, that's where my laugh out loud moment came this week...seeing that first sight of Ed in those shirts and gasping aloud to myself, "What?!" Oh and also, I laughed when Jillian sat on the bench and cried after Reid left. I guess I laugh every time someone cries. Except when Ed's dad cried, that was cute. 

I see Jillian picking Ed in the end. Kiptyn doesn't seem serious enough and Ed is ready to propose and that seems to be the only thing Jillian cares about. She has wanted an engagement from the very beginning and hasn't really considered the possibility that she might need more time. The whole "leap of faith" speech is semi-retarded. I see that to a certain extent, but to take a leap of faith on a ridiculous reality show is one of the dumber things a person can do. 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

Not only has Kiptyn slowly been climbing down the ranks in my bachelorette book, but after the Spain date, he took a major leap to the bottom. Somebody should sit down with Jillian and have her watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" so that she can get a clue as to what's going on in Kiptyn's head. In Kiptyn's defense, Jillian is an awkward girl who seems to fake sincerity so maybe it's hard to have a connection with her naturally. I decided that she is a tomboy who wishes she was more girly and genuine causing her to try too hard to be someone she's not. That's why she blurts out feminine phrases in manly voices. 

Reid actually impressed me more on this episode, but he may have had some help in the fact that he followed Kiptyn's date. I like that Reid jokes around and makes fun of Jillian, but I don't like that he can't seem to talk when it comes to anything serious. Reminds me of myself at 20 and luckily I grew out of that...mostly :) Maybe it's just annoying because Jillian has to fish so hard for compliments. 

At this point, I think it's hard to say who will win in the end. I still hope that it's Ed, but comparing to all previous bachelors, it almost seems that Jillian isn't close enough with any of the guys to be getting engaged any time soon. Who knows though? It could very well be Reid, the guy she said she'd normally never go for but the only one she can really be herself around. 

ABC wasted our time by even having a rose ceremony this week, except to show what a dirtbag Wes is, along with being a horrible dresser (is that brown jacket the nicest thing he owns?). Jillian should've said goodbye to Wes at the end of their date since we all knew he was going home anyways. That was an awkward dinner and I'm shocked it lasted as long as it did, but it was entertaining to see how uncomfortable they both were as Wes finally decided to give up the act. I did enjoy that he thought he might have a chance at going to the fantasy suite, though. That was funny.

No laugh out loud moments this week. Mostly just lots of awkward and uncomfortable ones, which still hold a place in my heart, right next to Michael. Speaking of Michael, why does Jillian let go all the guys that are actually falling in love with her? Have any of the remaining three even come close to saying "love?" Wasn't it cute when Michael said something about straight up loving that girl? She blew it. Move on, Jami.

4th of July Weekend

Real humidity is when you land at the Atlanta airport, walk out to your car in the long term parking lot and notice all the water drops on all the other cars. You wonder if it rained, but the ground is perfectly dry. Driving home, you have to turn on the windshield wipers even though it's still not raining. Call me crazy but I love this hot, muggy weather. Trey doesn't understand it, but I am always cold so it's nice to walk outside and feel a big wet/hot blanket wrap around you. 

Trey had an office to visit near San Diego this past weekend so I went along with him, which rarely gets to happen. The weather could have been better (low 70s) but Trey was loving a break from the heat and I was loving a little vacation. We got to go to the Dodger/Padre game and had some great seats. I love this picture of Chase, Trey, and Scott. Chase got in a silly mood after this so it was hard to get a picture of him looking normal, but this one turned out great.
My favorite part about baseball games...hot dogs. And on this 4th of July weekend, my favorite part about being an American...hot dogs. Doesn't Trey look great in blue?
I also got to hang out with my best friend who lives in San Diego, but unfortunately no pictures of that reunion. Highlights of the trip: my favorite smoothie shop in the whole world, Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Dodger game, 4th of July beach party with cousins, BBQ with friends in HB, and redeye flight home arriving at 5:40am. Just kidding about that last one.