Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bachelorette

This whole season I've always felt like Ed would be chosen in the end, even when I liked others better. Even when others had much better bodies and much longer shorts, Ed just stood out to me and I couldn't understand why until a few weeks ago. I can basically sum it up like this...Ed is a dork and Jillian is a dork. Together, they are perfectly dorky. Side note...Did anyone laugh as hard as I did when they showed the guys getting ready for the final rose and they showed Ed in his boxer briefs? He has received some serious leg time on this show. 

Kiptyn was a nice, cool guy. That second adjective is why he wasn't really in love with Jillian and why it never would have worked. He was cool. She was not. If those two met randomly on the street or got set up outside of reality tv (which I would like to discuss later), maybe they would have gone on two dates. Jillian would have wanted more, but Kiptyn probably wouldn't have given her the time of day. This whole season I felt like he was forcing it for the sake of the show. Maybe it was wonderful and magical at the time, but once their dates/trips weren't paid for by ABC, their relationship would have been over. Deep down, I think Kiptyn knew this and that's why he didn't propose. That's also why he accepted defeat much too easily. That's also why the cameras stayed on him awkwardly too long in the limo waiting for him to shed a tear and he just couldn't do it. Have you seen The Holiday with Cameron Diaz? That's what it reminded me of...like he was trying so hard to cry but he just couldn't muster out a single tear. 

Reid...nice try. You got dumped not once, but twice. The best part is that you were 100% certain she would choose you and those white shoes. You said that you had to pull some serious strings to come back to Hawaii but I'm going to call your bluff on that one. I guarantee ABC was just eating that one up. Oh, the drama! I feel bad for you because you were funny and made fun of Jillian to her face, but life goes on. Mine already did.

I think I laughed more during this episode than any one before it. Jillian's facial expressions were to die for. She kept reminding me of a beaver last night. Fast forward to the last 20 minutes and you'll see it too. Which kind of brings me to my next point...reality tv. Why do they call it that when it definitely isn't? They should call it semi-reality tv. First off, 30 attractive, successful men going after you at the same time is not reality. If it is, I got screwed. Secondly, reality is not traveling to Canada, Spain, Hawaii and wherever else with all these men you've known for weeks. And third and most important, I do not see reality every time Jillian stands on her balcony or a cliff and stares into the distance, pondering all that is before her. What I see is the producers saying, "Ok Jillian we wanna get a shot of you doing this or that. Go stand over there and look over there and pretend to be deep." I'm not buying it. 

I could make fun of this show for many paragraphs more but I will refrain. Many have asked if I will be watching More to Love, the overweight version of the Bachelor. That all depends on how desperate I get for entertainment, but I can tell you now I will not be blogging about it if I do!

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Jonathan and Carley said...

I agree with you about Ed. I am not surprised at all that he was chosen because Kiptyn seemed like he was trying to fall in love with her, but like you said, she was too much of a dork for him. I am sure he will be next season's Bachelor and it will be interesting to see which girls he is really attracted to. Well, now what?