Monday, July 13, 2009

28 down, 1 more to go

Well well well. Look who the final two are. The two I initially liked from the beginning. Do I still like them? That's beside the point. I can tell you that I liked Kiptyn more after this episode and apparently Jillian did too. However, when those two are together they tend to turn into Mr. and Mrs. Winky McWinkster. What is it about them winking all the time? Ultimate cheesiness. 

Poor Reid just could not express himself if his life depended on it. I think maybe he'll do better though with a girl he actually has time to get to know and love. I don't blame him for being logical and not falling in love so dang fast. It was funny when they sat on the bench after he got dumped and Reid just would not take a hint and leave. Was he hoping she was going to take it back? He says, "So what do we do now?" And Jillian says, "We say goodbye." Ouch. 

Ok guys, let's not blame Ed for forgetting his swim shorts and having to borrow Jillian's. Wearing hers was better than wearing nothing, right? But seriously, that's where my laugh out loud moment came this week...seeing that first sight of Ed in those shirts and gasping aloud to myself, "What?!" Oh and also, I laughed when Jillian sat on the bench and cried after Reid left. I guess I laugh every time someone cries. Except when Ed's dad cried, that was cute. 

I see Jillian picking Ed in the end. Kiptyn doesn't seem serious enough and Ed is ready to propose and that seems to be the only thing Jillian cares about. She has wanted an engagement from the very beginning and hasn't really considered the possibility that she might need more time. The whole "leap of faith" speech is semi-retarded. I see that to a certain extent, but to take a leap of faith on a ridiculous reality show is one of the dumber things a person can do. 


Woodward Family said...

Thanks Jami for the update, I tried to watch it last night and forgot to record it and just got in on the rose ceremony--I will do better on the final show!

Andrew and Jenna said...

It was painful watching Reid try to get out how he felt. What a bummer, I really liked him. I liked Kiptyn more last night too. And Ed's shorts... wow. At least he has nice legs. I can't wait for the men tell all next week. I'm more excited for that than for the finale!