Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coming to the ATL

My brother-in-law Cameron text me this morning wanting to surprise his wife by either flying me to Chicago or flying Ashley to me in Atlanta. Since I lost my wallet 2 weeks ago with my license inside it, I can't get on any planes anytime soon. So it looks like I'm going to have a couple visitors and I could not be more excited. Wouldn't you be excited to play with her all day?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let The Games Begin

And by games, I mean making out. It's only the second episode and already Jillian has hooked up with half the guys in the house. I'm not great with these guys' names yet so bare with me. Most awkward kissing moment goes to the blondie that got the one-on-one date. He didn't even wait for the right time or the perfect moment. He basically just assaulted Jillian in the middle of her serious conversation, which I loved. Two things on the bachelor that make me laugh out loud...awkward kissing scenes and crying. It gets me EVERY TIME. Hardest I laughed last night...when the guy at the end cried for being sent home after knowing Jillian maybe 2 seconds. Along the kissing lines, I gotta say my guy Kiptyn is definitely one of the front runners. That kiss was not romantic to me in any way because first off, Jillian does not look like a good kisser. She looks like she's blindfolded trying to find the donut dangling in front of her mouth. That was a pretty steamy first kiss though if you ask me and they didn't even need a hot tub. 

Guys that need to be gone pronto, but probably won't be because they make good television and producers have begged Jillian to keep them around a little longer...Juan, Wes and Dave. Juan is the biggest cheeseball of all the dudes and seems more like he should be dating a dude. I loved it when he lifted Jillian up to dunk the basketball and then dropped her on the ground. Real smooth Don Juan. Why does he remind me of David Arquette? Wes is going to play the same "They say love don't come easy" song to Jillian every chance he gets until he gets the boot. He acts like he's trying to be so sultry and seductive. If a guy acted like that to me, I would think he was either some sort of sexual predator or addicted to porn. Run Jillian! Now Dave was the dweeb last week that couldn't speak when he first met Jillian. The only reason I like him is because he wants to fight Juan so bad, which I'm crossing my fingers for. He cares more about hating Juan than loving Jillian...this can only end awesomely I'm sure. I'm also glad that Jillian is on to Tanner P, the creepy foot freak. 

Last night, Jillian once again said that she is looking for her best friend. I could not help but cringe. I think every human being on the planet knows by now that "at the end of the day," Jillian just wants to find her "best friend." Blah blah blehhhh. 

I've still got my money on Kip and Ed. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Jillian, you bug me

With the Bachelor each season comes many awkward moments and last night was no exception. Let's start with the goomba who stood silently with his head down when he first met Jillian. We all felt embarrassed for him. We all hoped he would snap out of it and say something clever, as if he was planning this. Is that a tear? I hope not. This guy, I think his name is Dave, actually ended up winning over Jillian in the end. Luckily for him, she must have a weakness for social retards. I, however, would not have given him a second chance I'm afraid. As for the guitar player, he seems nice enough to me but much too cheesy. It's awkward enough to have a boy that you know sing to you one on one, but for a complete stranger to do it your first time thank you. I also thought it was funny that they had to use sub-titles for the English guy. Did they have to translate for Jillian too? Everyone else is inside drinking champagne or whatever and he offers to make her some old granny tea. Yummy. 

The award of the night, however, for being the dumbest contestant on the Bachelorette this season goes to the idiot with the foot fetish. "I could probably find my wife in 10 seconds just by looking at a woman's feet" or something along those lines. Within seconds of hanging out with Jillian, he had to come up with a scheme to get her shoes off so he could determine whether or not she was worth the effort. And while they were talking he was making more eye contact with her feet than her eyes. What a creepo. 

In the end, there were two guys that I liked and I'm sure that will change through the course of the show, but for now they are Kiptyn and Edward (who I think was in the group of 5). I like the break dancer too, but not for Jillian, or anyone older than 22 for that matter. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you know what tonight is?

Yes, it is the season premiere of The Bachelorette, starring the annoying Canuck Jillian Harris. After Jason Mesnick, I said my bachelor days were over, but then 2 months went by, I cooled off, and I'm ready for some more bachelor drama. Also, for all you parents out there...think about what you might blog about if you weren't allowed to blog about your kids, then think twice about calling me pathetic :) I already call myself that after each blog, so spare me the judgment. 

If Jillian is just too unbearable, don't be disappointed if I bow out early, but I will try to be as unbiased as possible for all you Jillian lovers. My intentions in the past have been to criticize the poor losers vying for the proposal in the end so I will do my best to stick to that. On the contrary, Jillian got herself into this mess and if she overkills the "at the end of the day" or "my best friend" phrases I may not keep the gloves up. 3 more hours and it begins...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...yesterday!!

I know this is a day late but I thought it'd be better than waiting 364 days to get it on the exact day. Forgive me. My mom recently drove across the country with me to Atlanta and we had a great time doing great as you can have when you're in the car for 28 hours. We got to spend a few days together before she had to fly home to Washington, which was lotsa fun. My mom is so much fun to be around and definitely likes to have a good time. I made fun of her on the drive because she popped a Vivarin and wouldn't let me get a word in afterwards. Little miss chatty Kathy on a caffeine pill :) 
This was at a place we went to called Stone Mountain...basically named for exactly what it is...a very large mountain made of stone. 
The Target near our apartments was 2 levels and mom thought it was so crazy how you get the carts up and down the 2 floors. They have their very own escalator!
This shot was taken right before we went into a 4D movie. If you've never been to one, I highly recommend it. We were laughing so hard through the whole thing because we were both screaming and jumping and getting sprayed in the face. It was awesome.

My mother is an amazing woman, one of my best friends, and I loved spending so much time with her 2 weeks ago. I love you mama!