Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let The Games Begin

And by games, I mean making out. It's only the second episode and already Jillian has hooked up with half the guys in the house. I'm not great with these guys' names yet so bare with me. Most awkward kissing moment goes to the blondie that got the one-on-one date. He didn't even wait for the right time or the perfect moment. He basically just assaulted Jillian in the middle of her serious conversation, which I loved. Two things on the bachelor that make me laugh out loud...awkward kissing scenes and crying. It gets me EVERY TIME. Hardest I laughed last night...when the guy at the end cried for being sent home after knowing Jillian maybe 2 seconds. Along the kissing lines, I gotta say my guy Kiptyn is definitely one of the front runners. That kiss was not romantic to me in any way because first off, Jillian does not look like a good kisser. She looks like she's blindfolded trying to find the donut dangling in front of her mouth. That was a pretty steamy first kiss though if you ask me and they didn't even need a hot tub. 

Guys that need to be gone pronto, but probably won't be because they make good television and producers have begged Jillian to keep them around a little longer...Juan, Wes and Dave. Juan is the biggest cheeseball of all the dudes and seems more like he should be dating a dude. I loved it when he lifted Jillian up to dunk the basketball and then dropped her on the ground. Real smooth Don Juan. Why does he remind me of David Arquette? Wes is going to play the same "They say love don't come easy" song to Jillian every chance he gets until he gets the boot. He acts like he's trying to be so sultry and seductive. If a guy acted like that to me, I would think he was either some sort of sexual predator or addicted to porn. Run Jillian! Now Dave was the dweeb last week that couldn't speak when he first met Jillian. The only reason I like him is because he wants to fight Juan so bad, which I'm crossing my fingers for. He cares more about hating Juan than loving Jillian...this can only end awesomely I'm sure. I'm also glad that Jillian is on to Tanner P, the creepy foot freak. 

Last night, Jillian once again said that she is looking for her best friend. I could not help but cringe. I think every human being on the planet knows by now that "at the end of the day," Jillian just wants to find her "best friend." Blah blah blehhhh. 

I've still got my money on Kip and Ed. 


Krista said...

Amen and AMEN!


the only thing i missed this week was subtitles for the english guy :) -- who i would've kept around a little longer, if for no other reason than the fact that he said he was "rubbish" at playing b-ball. i LOVED that. accents get me. what can i say?

Phil and Holly said...

Well said. I actually blushed with embarrassment for Jake when he kissed Jillian at such an awkward time. What a dork, but so nice too. What a ridiculous and entertaining season so far :)

Dave& Jaime Adams said...

Ok I first have to ask that you guys ignore my comment last week about thinking Juan wasn't too shabby. Seriously I was hoping that she wouldn't save him last night and let him go home. I thought it was hilarious when he dropped her on the basketball date. And I agree 100% that Wes and David need to go SOOOOONNNN!!!! I don't know how much more I can take of them. My favorites are totally the same Ed and Kiptyn. They seem the most real to me. Plus Ed is just HOT!

Jami said...

Ed reminds me of the hot friend from P.S. I Love You that Hilary Swank hooks up with after her husband dies.

Krista said...

This is momma Krista. I stopped watching that two years ago on a regular basis and only watched two episodes last season with the drama. I think this is the cheesiest reality show. Call me when here is some real drama worth watching, kay? Otherwise, I have better things to do.Ha

Dave& Jaime Adams said...

Yeah Ed reminds me of Denny from Greys Anatomy. I think he is the same actor in PS I love you????