Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let It Snow!!

It has been snowing for 2 days straight and I am just as happy as all the little kids that get to go sledding...I even asked Mickell to send Chase out to play with me if he wanted to! I haven't taken Walter on a walk for months cause it's been cold (and I'm lazy) but the last two nights I've taken him out for at least 45 minutes just so I could be in the snow too. Trey's been out of town so I've been in charge of shoveling the driveway and I've had to do it about 4 times now and I don't even care. Those snow blowers look kinda fun though so I think it's time to make a new purchase. 

We just got in from being outside and unfortunately all the snow has taken out my directv. It also took me out 3 times in the last two days. All three times I had a leash in one hand and a phone in the other so I didn't really have a chance at saving myself. I was hoping somebody would see me each time cause it was hilarious but no one ever did. I hope it stops snowing long enough tomorrow for Trey's plane to land but after that I'd like it to get started again. Who wants to go boarding with me? I'm serious.

These pictures were taken with my phone so not the best quality and it was dark outside. Walter was happy as could be.


Brendan* Shea*London said...

You are crazy, the snow sucks!! Yes, I am back. I told Ashley we need to hang out, so let me know what is good for you. So what is it that you need to talk to me about????? I need to start working out. Do you know anywhere you can take classes?? I don't want to get a gym membership before the summer.

Krista said...

That is crazy down there Jami. It certainly is beautiful though. Just gorgeous, wow. I guess we will get to see sone of it tomorrow. Can't wait to see you. I guess I'd better get to bed.

Andrew and Jenna said...

As soon as we decided to get a snow blower, it stopped snowing. What a let down. Andrew is so excited to use that thing that you might be able to convince him to come do your driveway once he's done with ours. Seriously.