Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Days You Just Want To Cry...

Story #1
So last Friday I was out knocking doors and it was about 4:45. I had an appointment with a home at 5 but really needed to use the bathroom so I went to the local Dunkin Donuts to use their bathroom. I was wearing a jacket since it was chilly outside and as I hovered over the toilet and starting to go to the bathroom, my phone in slow motion came out of my jacket pocket and plopped into the toilet. Though grossed out by my own pee, I dove in after it as soon as I could but watched in horror as the screen went black. I am happy that the bathroom was only for one person or I would've struggled at this point. I wobbled over to the sink with my pants still down and washed my hands. I debated about whether or not to wash the pee off my phone but decided that would make it even worse so I just held it until the hand dryer. I walked out of their with my head hung low and drove to my appointment and luckily got the sale. I explained to them what happened with my phone so luckily they let me use theirs. I went to T Mobile after that and they said they would overnight me a new one. The next morning in one of my sales, the technician came in and I asked if I could use his phone. He said laughing, "Oh yeah, your customer yesterday told me you dropped yours in the toilet." Not funny. 

Story #2 

Memorial is a pretty big day for selling because it's a holiday which means most people are home, not at work. So we went out knocking bright and early to get a head start on the day. The very first door that I knocked went like this...

Me: Hey I'm just here about that security sign out front. Did you guys put that in or was the system in the home when you moved in? 
Man: We had that put in, why?
Me: Oh we're just coming through the area to some homes that were set up a few years ago with the older equipment wanting to update the systems. 
Man: Well we don't even use the security system anymore so we're not interested, but do you have a card?
Me: Actually I left them in the car. If you're really interested I'll go grab one but if not no big deal.
Man: Oh ok, then no.
Me: Ok see ya

5 minutes late I'm driving in the van and a cop flips around and pulls me over. It went like this...Just picture the cop being a total jerk and loving that I'm crying...
Me: Hey
Cop: What are you doing out here? Are you soliciting?
Me: Huh? What do you mean soliciting? We sell security systems...
Cop: Why are you doing that on a holiday? 
Me: Holidays are a big day for us cause everyone is home.
Cop: That doesn't make sense at all. No one is working today. Don't you see how that would be suspicious? Someone called in saying that you were asking if their security system was working and you wouldn't give them a business card. 
Me: I didn't ask them if it worked, I just asked about it. And I told them my cards were in the car but I'd get one if they wanted it.
Cop: What company are you working for anyways? How long have you worked for them? They just send you out here to bother people on a holiday? I need your license and registration.
Me: Its called Pinnacle, we do this every summer and this is my second year.
(He goes back to the car with his buddy. My tears start to flow. 5 minutes later...)
Cop: Have you ever been arrested before?
Me: No
Cop: Are you sure you've never been arrested before?
Me: Yes I'm sure. Why?
Cop: Because your license pulls you up as a convicted felon. Why would it say that if you've never been arrested.
Me: I don't know, because it's wrong. Are you guys just messing with me?
Cop: This is no joke mam. What were you arrested for?
Me: I've barely even been pulled over, I've never been arrested. What does it say I'm convicted of?
Cop: It's still trying to pull that up. Why would it say you were a felon if you weren't?
Me: Sir, I don't know but I'm not a convicted felon. 
Cop: We're probably going to have to tow this van. Have you been to jail before? Is there someone else working with you here?
Me: Can I call my husband?
Cop: Sure but I'm not talking to him.
Me: (calling Trey about 15 times in a row and he won't answer...more tears)

To make a long story short...Jeff showed up to help me out. They told me they were giving me a break by not towing my car and not taking me to jail, just giving me 2 tickets and suggesting I look into why it says I'm a convicted felon. They were totally nice to Jeff as soon as he got there. Meanwhile I was traumatized for the rest of the day and had sporadic spurts of tears. I now hate all cops and get nervous every time I see one. Rewriting that dialogue brought back the emotion, now I'm pissed.


Jenn said...

Hahahahaha, James I love it. If only that cop knew what a frieken goody goody you were your freshman year at BYU! Poor me, having to live with you =) Hehe, just kidding I LOVE YOU! I hate cops too, they abuse their power and make you feel like crap. I had a cop lie on the stand one time when I went to argue a ticket I got. Stupid cops. I miss you! Am I ever gonna see you?

Danny & Lindsay said...

oh my gosh are you kidding me?!? What a crazy story! How could they ever think that of you! I'd give you the benefit of the doubt any day! Yeah, I'm sure I would have cried too. Happy memorial day.

Cameron & Ashley said...

so did you ever find out why it apparently said you're a convicted felon? i knew there was something you've been keeping from me! jami jami jami :)

Meghan said...

I felt like crying for you when I read that! You totally look like a felon... I can see why they thought that!! You will have to update us on why they thought you are a convicted felon!

Jami said...

Jeff and Trey both think they were just trying to scare me, especially since they couldn't tell me what I was convicted of.

Krista said...

I haven't talked to you for several days so I hope it's brighter tomorrow. We all get our share of tough days. I know I have had a few,but its how we handle the situation and cope that makes us better people. You can feel good that you were respectful, even though they were such jerks.

Brad & Melani said...

I read this to Brad and he didn't believe me. I had to show it to him, and he still thought you were joking. Poor baby! I'm so sorry!