Friday, August 22, 2008

Stick a Fork In Me

I'm done. After 4 months of waking up at 9am, putting on the same blue polo and cargo shorts, meeting at 11am, lunch with the boys, then knocking til 9pm I've finally decided to throw in the towel. We are going to be out here in Detroit for 34 more days but I don't want to knock another door. And since my husband is the boss, I can do whatever I want. I might spend the time remembering what it feels like to be a girl and maybe even relearning to dress like one. 


Cait said...

Congratulations Jami :-) I couldn't have gone as long as you did, I think after the first week I would have been done. Way to go! I hope you have fun not working these next 34 days :-)

Krista said...

We are so proud of you, but we want our "girl" back too. Now you can concentrate on bigger and better things. You need to grab some friends while you are there though and do some fun things. Go to the Rouge and whatever else is out there. Love and miss you.

Katherine said...

You are so freaking hilarious, Jami. I've been cracking up as I read each of your posts. I'm at Grandma and Grandpa's house and told them you were throwing in the towel. We all say, "good for you!" I'm so impressed that you lasted so long. It sounds like hell! Hope you enjoy the next month. I'm just in town for the week and I wish you guys were here so we could see you.