Monday, December 15, 2008

Warner Family Christmas '08

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with Trey's family since we'll be in Washington with mine on Christmas day. We tried to get a family photo in but Walter was not being very cooperative. I think he was embarrassed of his outfit. He did look a little ridiculous, but no Christmas is complete without Rudolph the Red Nosed Maltipoo.
Merry Christmas everybody! This is by far my favorite holiday and I can't wait for Trey to open his presents. I think I get more excited than he does. Maybe it's because I start making a list for him somewhere around August or September. Maybe I should get a life.


Sarah Johnston said...

Absolutely adorable.

Kattie said...

Thanks for coming with me:) That was fun, sorry Cohen threw up all over you and possibly in your hair
:( And thanks for finding me the perfect shoes:) Have fun in WA

jEn said...

I think walter just couldn't get his mind off that duck!

XYZinn said...

Hope you guys made it to WA okay with all the freakin' snow! It's driving me crazy! Cute picture of you guys and your dog. :) My word verification is foxyg! Nice.