Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rough Week

Last week my friend Becca and I flew to Philadelphia to find our apartments for the summer, which was going just fine until about 4 hours before our flight left on the last day there. We were stopped at a stoplight and a Gospel Choir tour bus from Michigan was in front of us and just decided to back up, right into my little micromachine of a rental car. Not cool. We had to wait around with the bus driver and police officer for over an hour while he wrote up the police report and then another hour and a half waiting to be towed. We got to the airport with just enough time to spare and luckily got dropped off at the wrong terminal so we had to run about 1/4 mile with our heavy bags. That was easily the most exercise I've gotten in quite a while. Here's a picture of the damage to the rental. I really wish I would've gotten a picture of the beautiful bus driver named Norma wearing a Detroit Tigers jersey with a permed mullet, long nose hairs and a beard to go with it, smoking cigarette after cigarette while we waited. I miss her already.
We got home Thursday night at 12:30am (so technically Friday morning) and I had to leave for Vegas about 12 hours later to meet up with Trey. That night BYU lost their game so we drove home the next day and hit the worst snow storm I've ever been in. Unfortunately, we were in the worst car possible and eventually our tires wouldn't even grip anymore. Guys tried to push us, but finally gave up when a cop showed up and called a tow truck. We waited for over two hours in our car off to the side of the freeway for the truck to come. When he finally showed up, he told us he had to go pull someone out of a ditch real quick but would be back shortly. An hour later, he came to our rescue, but couldn't pick up our car because he already had one. So he dropped us off at our hotel (which is a miracle in itself because all hotels were booked and they opened up a church for people to sleep at) and told us he'd go get our car and bring it to the hotel. After waiting two more hours in the hotel room (which had no hot water) our car arrived. We eventually made it home safely the next day. When we waited in the car for the tow, all we had to eat for dinner was donuts, cheetos and red heathly. Here's Trey having the time of his life...
The details of these stories could go on forever but I summarized big time. I'm very glad last week is over and don't want to go on vacation for a long time now. I could, however, use a spa treatment pronto.


Krista said...

Jami, you didn't give me all these details. I guess it's a good thing. So happy you are home safe. WOW!!! Guess BMWs need snow tires huh? Racing tires blow in snow.

Katherine said...

OH MY GOSH. That sucks! So I guess that means you and Trey aren't coming back to Kansas City this summer. I still regret not getting in touch with you sooner about paying you guys a visit last summer. Hope you were able to find some good apartments in Philadelphia.