Sunday, September 19, 2010

Furniture Refinishing Class

My sister Ashley is amazing when it comes to finding old, outdated furniture in the classifieds or at thrift stores and then bringing it home and refinishing it to make it look completely awesome. She's going to be teaching a class in about a month to help other people learn how to do this. She makes some pretty good money when she buys an old dresser for $25 and then turns around and sells it for $250. Not bad, huh? She's helped me finish an old cradle and I'm already trying to think of new things I can do.

You can check out her blog and see the info on the class and some of the pieces she has refinished or just read her info on it below:

Ok, it's official, the date will be Saturday, October 16th, 10:00am-12:00pm at my home for the small price of $35 :) . Please let me know if you're planning on coming as soon as possible. You can either leave me a comment on my blog, facebook, or call, text, or email me ( if you have any questions. I'll be going over pretty much everything you need to know to start refinishing furniture- or whatever it is that you want to refinish! It will be a hands-on class so you'll learn and get a feel for what you're doing and I'll teach you tricks and tips I've learned the hard way :) . Hopefully that date works for any of you who are interested, if not, hopefully this will be the first class of many! Thanks!


kori said...

i wish i could be there! i would love to learn how to do that.

Lance and Kara Ford Family said...

I totally want to go. Can I go with you?