Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bored on a Saturday

It is 85 degrees outside right now and so beautiful but I am stuck inside while Indie naps so I thought I'd be a good little blogger for the time being. Our days out here in Charlotte are much like the movie Groundhog Day...same routine every day with slight variations if we are motivated enough. I usually have no idea what day it is, which doesn't even matter since all the days are the same. Somehow 5 1/2 weeks have flown by and Indie is growing like a weed!

We spent our first few weeks relearning how to sleep because apparently she forgot when we changed time zones. I have read so many sleep books but one was recommended to me by a friend, called The Baby Sleep Solution, and it is, by far, the best one out there. It claims to have your baby sleeping 12 hours by 12 weeks old, but I can't vouch for that since I started when Indie was around 17 weeks. I'm already excited to train our next baby!

I've been snipping away at Indie's hair lately because it's starting to look so retarded. She rocks herself to sleep by moving her head from side to side over and over, which means she is rubbing all her hair off. If it weren't for all her hair on the top, her and my dad would have the same hairstyle. I took the clippers to the back of her head last night just to even things up a bit and it looks much better. Sad that she's making herself go bald but I guess it was inevitable.

Indie giggled for her first time on Mother's Day and it hasn't happened since. You could tell while it was happening that she was confused and had no idea what was coming out of her mouth. It lasted for about 30 seconds and that's the last we've seen of that. She mostly just squeals all the time. I can get her squealing just by making the noise and she will mimic me until she gets bored. Speaking of bored, you may never meet a baby that gets bored quicker than Indie. We are constantly switching up the activities because she will definitely let you know she's over it.

We did a mini photo session today that only lasted about 5 minutes and you can see by the end of it that she was done.

Geez, how many rolls can you count on those arms?!

I'm realizing that my blog is mostly consisting of Indie these days but I guess that's to be expected when a baby comes along and consumes your whole life. I absolutely love being a mom to this little one and get more excited everyday as she gets bigger. Some moms are sad to see their kids grow up, but I love it because she's able to interact with us more and more and that's way more fun than boring baby blob. Is that mean? Don't get me wrong, newborns are precious, but I enjoy the growing up part much more!


Jenna said...

Her and Cash are the same, always needing new and exciting things to keep them entertained. And sorry to tell you, but it only gets worse :) She is so stinking cute and I hate that I'm missing her getting so big. Is it August yet?

Krista said...

Such a precious statement honey. You are a great photographer and is it bad that I love the one where she i really whaling the most. Its so funny that the picture just before that she is so content. You are a lucky mama, even if she isn't content all the time.

mickell said...

oh my gosh, she is chubby chubby!!! The last picture is for sure my favorite!