Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love for Clara

This is Clara. She is 2 years old. She is my brother's youngest child. Two days ago she was diagnosed with high risk Neuroblastoma cancer. She is currently in the hospital undergoing many tests to really find out what she is up against and it seems that each test result brings more bad news. About 3 weeks ago, Clara started getting sick and the doctors thought she had strep. After the antibiotics failed to work, they questioned whether it really was strep. Clara was in a lot of pain and was having a hard time even walking, along with trouble breathing. They finally decided to take her to a hospital in Spokane, where they discovered the cancer, first around her kidneys, then in her leg, now on deep eye sockets, sinuses, and behind her eyes. Today she is having another bone scan done and then a biopsy on the tumor around her kidney. I'm receiving most of my updates through Facebook, thanks to my brother's sister-in-laws, but comments like these are just breaking my heart:

"Clara is in a lot of pain. They are having to give her morphine sooner than she is scheduled for it. As soon as she saw all of the presents and goodies from her friends, her face lit up and she wanted to hold the toys and dolls.

"Clara is sleeping and Brian is holding her hand. She opened her eyes for a moment and said, "Thank you Daddy." My mom said she has been saying similar things to the nurses and doctors."

From my brother, Brian: "
You'd think we'd be better at this after what happened with Carson, but this seems so much harder."

That's the next thing. This sweet family has been through this before with their second son. When Carson was about 6 months old, they found a brain tumor and operated on it a little while later. I remember his head was so swollen after that surgery, but luckily they got it all and he is the most angelic boy you will ever meet now.

Less than two months ago, Clara and her family came to stay with us in Utah. They live in Washington so I don't get to see them much. Before this trip, I really didn't know Clara too well, but she made a huge impression on me in a short amount of time. Within ten minutes of being in my house, she ran up to Walter, only to realize that he was an actual living dog, so she turned and ran away screaming. Every time I put Indie in her swing, Clara was right there to help push it, usually much too hard :) When her cousin Cash was being whiney, Clara took it upon herself to discipline him by shaking her pointer finger at him. When we went to Kangaroo Zoo, which is a children's play place with tons of bouncy toys, Clara really loved the biggest slide. She would come up to me and back up into me so I would pick her up and take her down it. This happened time after time.

A fundraiser has been set up on Clara's behalf, as she has a long road ahead of chemotherapy, radiation and many other things a small child should never have to go through. Many have already donated that don't even know her, which means so much to my family. I'm adding a link to the fundraiser so that if you are able, you can donate as well. Thank you in advance.

Click here to help Clara


Ryan + Jess said...

I am just in shock about this, as I'm sure you all are! I'm fasting today for her and hope that our prayers will bring some comfort to you and your family, Jami!!

Love you guys!

Melani said...

Aww, Jami! This makes me just sick to my stomach! What a sweet lil Angel she is! You are such a good Aunt. We will be praying for her and your whole family. xoxo