Friday, June 3, 2011

5 months old!

This little darling hit the 5 month mark today and I don't really feel like much has changed since month 4 except that she's sleeping through the night much better now and has probably packed on a little more chub. Actually I take that back. She's finally grabbing at toys and trying to eat them and sucks on her fingers every chance she gets. It's nice because sometimes she can even put her pacifier back in her mouth. I guess where I feel she hasn't really changed much is in the physical development, as in no rolling over, no straightening her legs and trying to stand. Just still kinda being a big baby blob. But a cute one at least.

She does drool much more now so that's fun! Luckily it's not so bad that she needs a bib or anything. We've been going to the pool a lot lately and when I hold her up against me she always has to suck on my shoulder. I think it's so cute.
These are her two favorite fingers. Usually it's just the pointer, but every now and again the middle finger gets lucky enough to be in there too. Definitely not a thumb sucker.
Indie used to be super squealy, but in the last few weeks she has toned it way down. Now, it's almost as if she's taking everything in and just more content. At the pool, she doesn't get super excited, she just chills. And when we walk around the complex in the Bjorn, I wouldn't even know she was there if the extra weight wasn't digging into my shoulders. It's really bizarre to me how quiet she can be! That's all for now, I guess. Just a little Indie update for those who care, which you all should.


Jenna said...

She is getting so big, I hate it! I love that first picture of her. She has a ton of hair! Please come home now. Woah, I just noticed that the word verification thing for this post is "inder." Guess that's Indie's new nickname. I've been waiting for it to come to me, and bam. There it is.

Ashley said...

We DO care!!! Love this post, she is a doll! :) And I remember the shoulder sucking days... loved them too! It's probably a good thing my kids don't do it anymore though :) Can't wait to squeeze her!!! And also, be thankful she's chill!!

Shea Smith said...

Very cute pictures!! I miss her. She is going to be so big the next time I see her. :(

Krista said...

Oh My Gosh, she is soo soo cute. And I can't believe how much more hair she has either.I wish you could ship her to me in one of those tubes like they have at banks.