Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Working Girl

Call me crazy but I've officially decided to knock doors this summer in Trey's office. I've always told him I wanted to be dropped off just to see how I would do cause I've knocked with him plenty of times and know exactly what to say. So last night after hanging out with another couple (the wife sells too) who is going to Jersey with us, I was convinced that this is definitely something I can do. She sells 200 every year and if I'm only half as good as her I'm still better than the average at Pinnacle.

Don't get me wrong, this is not going to be easy or fun by any means. I've knocked with Trey enough times to know that the job sucks, probably more than 90% of the jobs in the nation. But it pays unbelievably well and that is my one and only motivation. Trey does well for us on his own, but he's a tight wad and I want some of my own money to spend on clothes and vacations. I told him the other day that he should buy me a Mercedes G-Wagon with all his money but he said, "No, I will buy you financial freedom." I say, "Eh, that's not as fun."


Jenn said...

Hahaha, I love it. GOOD LUCK James! Ah I would hate that job, absolutely hate it. Plus it's going to be HOT HOT and muggy out there! But, the money will be great that's for sure! Send some over our way! =)

mickell said...

You are CRAZY!! But I know you will totally do it, so Good Luck! I could never do it. i hate when people act annoyed with me, so having a door slammed in my face would crush me. I hope you sale more than your hubby :)! That would be funny.

E-Lo said...

Ha ha... ur funny :) I like u being my VT companian, i dont want u 2 leave :( But hey, if u make a lot of money and u finally buy that Mercedes G-Wagon, now that im ur friend, i can come and ride with you :)
Good Luck with all the selling stuff. Im sure with ur personality u will do great :)