Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Guessed It, Another Bachelor Recap

Last night's show  was anything but comfortable...I'd say pretty awkward and pretty awesome. It's my theory that the producers of the Bachelor talk to the families beforehand and tell them to meet and greet Jason with something that is uniquely their own little weird family thing. Why else would Jillian's dad wrap a Canadian flag around him and her grandma make him wear Canadian boxers while they sing their National Anthem? Why would Molly's weird mom make everybody wear those stupid hats and make Jason draw that ridiculous picture? (What you don't see is that Jason played beer pong with Molly's family for a few hours...I would too if I had to hang out in that house). Why would Naomi's mom make everyone have a hula hoop contest? Who has that many hula hoops laying around? And why in the world would she collect a dead bird off the road to bring home, refrigerate and wait for Jason to bury? I loved Jason's facial expressions throughout the show because you know he thought it was just as awkward as we all did. I don't think families are normally this weird and that's why I think the producers have something to do with this. Melissa's parents probably didn't want to go along with the "just do weird things, it's good television" idea so they bailed. And we got to see what a normal night should've been like...dinner, talking, playing pool, hanging out...no eulogies, hula hoops, or stupid hats. 

With this episode, I think Jillian is making her move to the top. She still bugs me so I hope I'm just seeing things, but it seemed like she pulled ahead of Molly this week...or maybe the editing of the footage just wants us to believe that. Either way, I'm glad Underbite is gone. Her family could not have been any weirder. I love that her dad gave Jason a huge religious talk with 2 slot machines in the background. That talk was definitely the most awkward. I'm surprised Naomi's dad didn't try to baptize Jason on the spot. And Naomi was right, she should've discussed her faith with Jason before this trip so he wouldn't have been so caught off guard by all the reincarnated  whackos. 

I feel bad that Jason didn't get to meet Melissa's parents because, as you know, I want her to win and it's a little discouraging for me. However, when I told Trey this, he said something like, "Oh, so they did they appropriate thing," which was not wanting to meet their possible son-in-law on national television where no one could be themselves. It is weird, though, that her friends don't even know Melissa's parents. Are they recluse? What's the deal? Why is Melissa normal? Parents like that usually have weird kids, don't they?

On a better note, Deanna will be coming back soon, which is what I've been waiting for all season. Talk about drama! Looks like Jason bawls like an absolute girl, so we'll see what that's all about very soon. I'd still like Jillian to go home next week because I think Melissa will have a better chance going up against Molly. I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

Really quick, I wanna know what you think. Do you think Jason knows much earlier in the season who is going to be left standing in the end? I honestly would hope so. I don't like the idea of him getting kissy and snuggly with all of them and then just picking one in the end that he was 51% sure about where the loser was just 49%. If I were the one he proposed to, I'd want to know that he was totally into me the whole time and was just pretending with the others to keep the show going. Thoughts?


Cameron & Ashley said...

I think it probably takes him a while to figure it out, but yes I think he knows before the last episode who's gonna be left standing. He might as well enjoy getting to make out with 3 girls at once though cause it'll never happen again in his life (well, I guess it could, but it'd be wrong!).

Kattie said...

DUDE you have way to much free time on your little hands!! I dont have channel 4 so I dont get to enjoy this show. If its not on 13 then it does not happen in my world:) You should spend your time entertaining Cohen while I take long naps and eat lots of yummy food:)

Brendan* Shea*London said...

I am not a ghost...your a ghost. I don't watch the bachelor. Actually, I'm suprised that you do. Doesn't seem like you.

Grose Fam said...

In jamis defense to the last two comments... I am addicted to the show as well, I don't miss it. I love reading your comments cuz I feel the same way and I think you are hilarious! I would hope for the girls sake that he has more of a connection with just one but can't let on that he does. I wouldn't like to know that I was a last minute choice he made right before the ceremony.