Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clearly a blog of boredom

These last few weeks before moving for the summer are definitely some of the most hectic we have all year. I have become Trey's personal secretary just so he doesn't have a stress-induced heart attack before we even get to leave. Last Wednesday, Trey called me and asked if I wanted to go to Atlanta the next day so that we could find some apartments (we should have had them by now but things just weren't working in our favor) and to check out the area. I checked for flights online and just decided that maybe we could make it work to leave in a few hours. So we ended up taking off about 4 hours after Trey called. Luckily (sarcasm), there wasn't much availability booking that late so the only seats left were in First Class. Never done that before. Trey enjoyed talking like a pompous rich guy and referring to the rest of the people as peasants. And on a side note, we stopped at Rubio's on our way to the airport and I am so happy it's in American Fork now! 

Turns out I really love Atlanta. After walking through the airport (even though it was 6am), I was already "feelin" it and the air just smelled sweet. We spent one day checking out the area and the next desperately looking for apartments. We had some that were a last resort and I am thanking the heavens above that we didn't have to fall back on those. These (below) are the ones we ending up getting and they are in such a hip part of town. Can't wait!

Speaking of can't wait, I'll tell you what I can wait for and that is selling. After spending a delicious and enjoyable 6 months unemployed, I've decided that I might as well knock doors again. Awesome huh! No, not really. I felt completely justified not getting a job when we got back last September because of how hard I worked in the summer and I wouldn't mind feeling that feeling again after this summer. 

Aside from all this, here's what's been on my mind today...puppy potty training. Not fun. Here's my advice: before you buy a 2nd dog, make sure the first one is FULLY trained. Walter was doing pretty good for the most part, but now that Penny has come along, he has followed in her footsteps. I've completely devoted myself to making them be trained this week, starting yesterday. I followed them around everywhere, I took them out every couple of hours, I stayed up til 3 freakin a.m. waiting for Penny to just poop before bed, which she never did. Awesome. If you don't have dogs, I'm sure you can sympathize with your toddler training. Let me ask you this though, have you trained 2 toddlers at once? Have your toddlers each individually pooped 5 times a piece after having only been awake for 12 hours? That's the main thought on my mind today...where does all the poop come from? Can you tell me?

And for all my old Bachelor readers, are you guys watching Melissa on Dancing with the Stars? If you're not, you should be. Eat your heart out Jason, you idiot.  


Jenn said...

Thanks for the update! I haven't talked to you in forever so it's good to know what's going on! The apartments look great and I'm glad you liked Atlanta! I can't believe you're selling again James, you're amazing. =)

Phil and Holly said...

I didn't know that you sell? How many do you get? Impressive. So, in response to "where does all the poop come from" it is my belief that the little doggies are not getting a complete poop, but rather saving some for a later poop. They probably enjoy the occasion.

Krista said...

You still haven't figured out the trick. As soon as I did this with Mia (and we got it from books) she was trained pretty fast. When you take them out and you know they're suppossed to poop, lock them in their crates for ten minutes, take them out again and keep doing it until they poop outside. You are too lazy and lax at it my darling. Sorry:) Love the apartments.

Bradley and Melani said...

Look how cute your babies are! I want to play with them. With Ari, I did the 3 day potty training method. You basically stay in your home for 3 days, shadowing them. It totally worked! Try it with your doggies. :) ( I'm sorry, I don't really know what to tell you about Walter and Penny, but hey, it might work) ... Those apartments look so nice! You're a freakin soldier for selling again. If you can work Trenton NJ, you can take on the ATL. :) Love you! Miss you!