Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Give me a break

Where do I even begin? Oh I know...most of you are probably upset about what happened last night. I, on the other hand, am thrilled because I hated Molly all season and now I hate Jason just as much...match made in heaven? Probably not. There's a Part 2 to last night's episode tonight where he probably changes his mind again. Did someone call Jillian to let her know she's next? 

Before I get into all of it, does anyone else hate watching Jason play with Ty as much as I do? Talk about putting on a show so the world thinks you're a better dad than you really are. I'd rather watch him awkwardly make out with all 25 girls than see him play with his own son. I did get a good laugh last night though when he got to see Ty for the first time in a week and ran to him at top speed on the beach. That was embarrassing. A nice jog would have been sufficient. Instead he had to over-exaggerate so that America would think he was such a great dad for missing his son so much in one week. What a drama queen. Can you tell I hate him yet?

Moving on to Deanna...they might as well have just shown the cue cards she was reading because that whole thing was completely scripted in my opinion...It probably went something like this...Producer: "Hey Deanna, we know you blew it by picking Jesse during your season, especially since your engagement lasted two weeks, so we wanted to offer you a proposition. Jason has 2 girls left to pick from and he's in New Zealand right now. We will give you a 2 week all-inclusive vacation if you will confront him and pretend to still be in love with him. We know he won't take you up on it because you've gained a few pounds and look like a chubbo but it will help out our previews for the whole season. We will make America think it's gonna be a huge deal, but really you will just accept the rejection much too easily than you would if you really cared and leave within minutes." Deanna: "What about my dignity? Just kidding, of course I'll do it." 

If anyone was excited last night after Molly got sent home, thinking that Jason had picked who we all wanted him to, then you must have missed the sobfest on the balcony. Anyone who cries that hard over a breakup clearly isn't 100% sure about their decision. And anyone who breaks up with their fiance on national television is a complete doucher. Can I say that? Please don't break up with a girl in front of the whole world who calls herself a "dumpee." Obviously Melissa has issues with past boyfriends and even if she didn't, she will now after being dumped last night for all to see. Maybe ABC was trying to set that up so that she could be the next bachelorette...the girl that always gets dumped finally gets a chance to be the dumper. Didn't she look gorgeous though when she got proposed to? 

What are the odds that they filmed the "After the Final Rose" episode on one take? I'd say zero percent, which is why Molly ended up showing what a horrible actress she is. You're telling me she had no idea why she was flown to the set to see an engaged ex-boyfriend. If ABC tried to fly me out to meet up with an ex who was presumably engaged I think I'd be a little suspicious. They told her to act surprised and since she didn't know how to act, she just decided not to talk at all. Instead, she let her jaw hang wide open as she stared back and forth between Chris and Jason. Why did she keep looking at Chris? Maybe she thought she was being Punk'd. I wish that had been the case. Someone should've called Ashton. I could have done without that awkward hour. A short note at the end of the finale that said "Jason changed his mind 6 weeks later and went back to Molly" would have sufficed. 

I think my Bachelor days are over. Last night was too ridiculous to justify it anymore. 

P.S. Good luck Molly. Apparently Jason can't control his feelings/heart/mind so there's really no telling how long he will last with you. Don't blame him, he just can't control it. 


Krista said...

Amen. And Amen. I've been waiting all day for your review. :)

Dave& Jaime Adams said...

Hey Jami, I don't know if you remember me very well from the Enclave or not? Jaime Keller? Well its Adams now. Anyways I linked to your blog through Lindseys. And I had to comment on your post cause its hilarious and totally true. I hope that you are doing well. If you want to check out my blog sometime feel free.

Courtney J said...

Hey this is Cait's sis-in-law. It sounds creepy but I love reading your thoughts after each episode of the Bachelor! They are always so right on and hilarious!

E-Lo said...

I hate Jason now and I hate the show too. Last night I felt like a bunch of actors were trying to fool all of us. I was so mad at the whole thing... I think I’m done w/the show for a while.
I totally think they paid Jason and who knows who ever, so they could add a new twist to the show for the viewers.

Kattie said...

You are my hero, you couldnt have put it any better. Last nights show reminded me of why I stopped wasting my life on this show five years ago but for some reason I gave the last 4 episodes a chance...BAD IDEA. Jason is truley a loser, I love it when he waits until the camera is right on his face then he starts to hold his breath so he can let out a few tears to get the stream flowing:)
Oh how I wish that deanna would tell me where she bought her blazer so i could burn the store down. That was the first time I have ever seen her and she is no quality for a T.V hit. I am sad the show is over, maybe you could just continue to vent on your blog, it is better than watching the show:)

Ryan + Jess said...

I agree with everything you said!

All I can say is: what. a. joke.

Phil and Holly said...

Ha, Nice take Jami. If you haven't already seen Jason on Jimmy Kimmel, you should look it up, pretty funny.

Krista said...

I think you need to get a different TV show Jami. You are so bitter. I'll send you some Disney DVDs. Hope you had a great time in Hawaii.