Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Night's Part 2 Recap

I hate Jillian.


Cameron & Ashley said...


Krista said...

oh geez. seriously? her?

i boycott. i really don't think i'll watch this show again for a while.

carsonjmd said...

Hello, you are hillarious! I have been keeping up on your bachelor updates and I have to say I love them! Please don't get me started on the "excitement over parenting". Please, he's a single dad....he probably screams at Ty to just leave him alone for one second each day! And...Melissa's knock knock jokes were super funny!Needless to say definately glad it's over...but I probably will watch it again...."because at the end of the day" I kinda like Jillian! Okay...mostly her outfits! She has lots of cute boots!
Katie (Gray) Rios

PS Penny is adorable!