Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Jillian, Keep It Coming

You know, as much as I hate Juan, I was honestly hoping that he would get a rose last night and that Wes would get sent home. His cheesiness is becoming unbearable for me to watch, ugh (who really falls for that stuff?). The only reason he didn't sing his stupid song tonight is because he couldn't bring his guitar on the plane ride to Canada, otherwise you know it would've been in the mix again. Good thing he will be gone next week, but I don't know why Jillian sheds a single tear for that tool. 

As for Dave, big shocker that he didn't get a rose tonight. Sarcasm? Um, yes please. He shot himself in the foot when he grabbed Jillian's boob...and when he went in for a kiss...and when he wouldn't stop talking about her butt...and when he decided to be a psychopath...and when he cared more about the snitch than the guy with the girlfriend. That, to me, spoke volumes. This guy is a serious whacko. Does any girl love to be told that some creepster is walking behind her staring at her butt the whole time with his head tilted to the side and his jaw to the floor? According to Dave though, Jillian is just playing hard to get. Is that why she kicked you off, you moron?

Poor little Mike also had to go and I could have predicted that one from the moment he ran to Jillian straight out of the limo. Somebody was trying a little too hard, I think.  What normal boy sprints across the lawn to a girl he's known a week? Wait, slow down...what normal boy sprints across the lawn to any girl no matter how long he's known her? None that I ever dated luckily. The guy wouldn't let Mark get a word in and expressing his feelings to Jillian in front of Mark was nothing but awkward. On a side note, why did Mark tell Jillian that every now and again he thinks about living in the mountains with a dog and no woman? That seems like the opposite of what you'd want to tell a potential wife, I dunno. 

Every week there is at least one moment that makes me laugh out loud on the couch as I watch this show by myself. This week's moment was at the rose ceremony when Jillian gave out the final rose to Tanner. He accepted the rose and then they hugged and that is where I laughed, hit rewind, laughed again, rewind once more, and final laugh. Jillian's face was priceless. If you're bored today and have it on DVR, check it out. You won't regret it. 

There's a big underdog in town and his name is Michael. Turns out I love him now, followed by Ed and then Kiptyn (I got a weird vibe from Kiptyn last night but maybe that's just because he feels the need to kiss Jillian after every minor transition, ie: change of topic, sit down to stand up, next activity, etc...). Michael hasn't had a one-on-one so we haven't seen a ton of him, but he's so cute and goofy that he's been able to make an impression on my heart. I guess I am just a sucker for the goofy, entertainer-types...uh, do you know my husband, Trey? 

I asked my sister Ashley last night, "Why did I ever say I was going to quit watching this show?!" The drama is just too good! I overreacted to Jason Mesnick and threw out a statement that I absolutely did not mean, I apologize. I will never quit watching this show! Unless, of course, I decide to get a life. Then, and only then, will l consider it. Man, I wish it was Monday night already. 


Grose Fam said...

I love your updates, I always look forward to reading them. I keep thinking you should go into writing, you have a real talent for drawing people in.

Cameron & Ashley said...

I am in the process of fast forwarding my dvr as we speak (or write??) :) And I totally got a weird vibe from Kiptyn too, when they were sitting down talking it almost looked like he was bored... And Wes, are you a child molester? Because you look like one. Thanks for the update James!

Phil and Holly said...

I'm starting to like Michael too! He seems like so much fun, he just needs to get a real job and then he'd be number one on my list :)

Wasn't Mike one of the 5 additions who threw her a baseball and said "You are a good catch" I may be wrong.
I almost didnt watch this season too and I'm so glad I have!

Krista said...

Amen on Michael. What a doll! And hello! I fell in love with what's-his-name ... Jesse? The one who won the curling match. He's kinda my fave now. Though I still adore Ed. Hmmm...all I want to know is:

1. Is Dave for real? When is it ever ok to talk about a girl's *#$ and @#$^& for any amount of time especially IN FRONT OF HER? And who just goes in for the kiss like that?! Really? He didn't even set it up! He's rude, crude potty-mouthin' it as he's going in for it! Wow.
2. Did Tanner lie or does Wes really have a girlfriend?
3. How much longer do I have to watch Wes? I can't stand another second of his cheesy weesy ew.

Andrew and Jenna said...

Michael is definitely my new favorite. He's so funny! I like Ed too, but he seems kinda nerdy. And I just hope Wes goes soon because Andrew won't quit singing his song!

Brianne said...

I love you, Ed. Don't turn into a freak with more camera time, please don't do it to me, Ed!

Krista said...

all of you are so funny. Now I have to watch this stupid show to compare with all the commentary you put up. I'm so entertained. Keep it up.cullity

Brendan* Shea*London said...

So I don't watch this show, but Bren turned it on the other night and said I thought the bachelorette was suppose to be pretty. I laughed, then I saw her and she really is very ugly. That is sad for her.

Underwood Family said...

Amen, Amen ,Amen to all you are saying. Ashley told me to check your blog out...love the Bachelorette recap. I think I'm so into this show right now, because there is nothing on TV right now, except for this.