Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No title tonight

I just got reprimanded for slacking on my Bachelorette blog so I'm here, but I admit, it's semi-unwillingly. I don't know where my heart is, but it just wasn't in it this week. Maybe it left with Ed. Or maybe it checked out with the boring train episode. Oh well, next week should be much better.

To take it from the top, I'm not sad to see Robby leave. I don't like the way his mouth moved when he talked...maybe it was that hint of a lisp. Luckily, I'm allowed to be as shallow as I want with these strangers who volunteered for this sort of thing. What I loved when he got dumped is that the train was slowing just as she was breaking it off. Nice planning ABC. And way to leave him stranded in the middle of Canada. Kick him while he's down, why don't you.

The other one-on-one went to Reid, who is a complete dork in my opinion. I guess I'm quick to label anyone that wears glasses though as being a dork, even if it is just for fashion. Old habits die hard. I can't think of a worse first date than going snowboarding for the first time with a teacher whose no good either. There is nothing romantic about falling down all day, getting frustrated, swearing, sweating and being so sore you can barely move by the end. Regardless, Reid instantly turned into a girl when the fondue came out and he confessed all his phobias/weirdness with food. 

Would you be flattered if a guy you were dating told you that you reminded him of his mom? Can't say I've ever been told that before, thank heavens.  Poor, innocent Jake would be better off paired up with a nun. I felt bad when he was pouring his heart out to Jillian because you knew he wasn't getting a rose. You also knew Tanner was going home empty handed for sure. What a gaybo for wishing Jillian's toenails were mango-colored! He definitely put the nail in the coffin when he showed everyone his tighty whiteys. Why do guys think that girls want to see that? You're laughing...we're dry heaving. A man must have designed those underwear cause no woman in her right mind would ever think of something that stupid looking. 

Can someone please tell me why Wes is still here? The producers are obviously setting us up for his dismissal or they wouldn't be showing us scenes that make all us women hate him. Jillian continues to lose credibility in my eyes the longer she keeps him. I don't care if he's a perfect angel to her...can't she see through the cheesiness? Maybe some girls like that. Maybe I'm not one of them. 

My laugh-out-loud/rewind moment this week was literally miniscule, but I might as well mention it just in case you forgot that I don't like Jillian. When they got to their final stop and everyone got out of the train, Chris was there to greet them and tell them where they were. The camera cued to Jillian who just blurted out, "Beautiful." It sounded so repulsive and man-ish that I couldn't help but rewind and laugh again. 

I'm glad that Michael is barely hanging on by a string. He sorta reminds me of Ashton Kutcher and if that guy can marry someone who is 15 years old than him, Michael and Jillian should be able to make things work. 4 years is nothing!

I don't think I have ever mentioned Jesse on this blog and I think there is a reason for that. He seems like the biggest nobody to me who is almost not worth bringing up. I get bored just looking at him. Sure, he's nice and all, but he doesn't really offer anything that someone else can't. However, he did kind of have a nice voice when the guys were singing in the cabin. Wes, on the other hand, sounded like an idiot. On that note, I don't see who, at this point, is going to beat out Kiptyn. Ed was his biggest competition. What do you think? Maybe I'm blinded by my own ego and am missing something. 


Krista said...

i laughed out loud at "beautiful" too! haha. And my dear, I'm in L.O.V.E with Jesse. After his one on one up at the glacier i was hooked. i still think she'll end up with kiptyn but i love me some jesse.

p.s. my roommate and i found a group of women in the ward who watch together every week after they put their kids down. we've been joining them for a couple weeks. it's hilarious and made me wish you lived closer so you could come. :)

Krista said...
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Brigitte said...

Jami-I must say I LOVE your bachelorette recaps! I never watched that show until I started reading your blog and now I'm hooked! Jayson is even watching the shows with me and I think it is definitely strengthening our relationship. ;) I've even been reading your posts to Jayson since he is totally obsessed with the show. Seriously, I think he likes it more than me!! So can't wait to read what you think about tonights show!

Oh and I'm totally down for teaching ya when you get back! That would be so fun. I don't do certain stuff like piano recitals though so if you stick with your old grandma lady that's cool too. I won't judge. ;)