Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye Michael

Ahhhhhh!!! Ed is back! Did I call it or what?! I knew there was a reason I wasn’t ready to let him go yet.  There was definitely a look of fear in Michael’s eyes when Ed showed up to the rose ceremony and I was praying that that wasn’t some clever foreshadowing. But then Jillian didn’t call his name at the end and I wanted to reach through the TV and uppercut her in the jaw. How in the world does Wes get chosen over Michael? As excited as I was about Ed coming back, I couldn’t help but end the episode in sadness seeing Michael leave. He was so cute and genuine in his final speech. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that he’ll get chosen to be the next Bachelor so we can see some more of him!

On with the hometown dates…

Jillian showed up in Philadelphia and most definitely interrupted Reid’s sleeping schedule. I dunno how early it was when she arrived, but he should have at least splashed some water on his face to look more alive. He seemed half asleep the whole time she was there, not really that phased that she was meeting his family for the first time. Something about him reminds me of Chandler, but not in a good way. So I guess that makes Jillian the annoying girlfriend, Janice.

Next hometown date went to Michael and awesomely enough, there are 2 of him! I can’t say anything bad about Michael, except that maybe he’s not as cool as I think he is if he likes Jillian as much as he does.

Kiptyn is still a front runner in my opinion, but he has slowly gone downhill in my book and I really just think it has everything to do with his kissing technique. He almost acts uncomfortable when its time to kiss so he goes in super fast to avoid any pre-kiss awkwardness. Aside from that, after meeting with his mom, the only advice I would offer to Jillian is to run. When a woman is that intense on your first meeting, I guarantee you will not just be marrying her son, but she’ll come along too as an added wedding bonus. And by bonus, I mean nightmare. 

Jesse, oh Jesse. I can barely remember your hometown date because your scraggly wag brother keeps flashing in my head. He would make a great beast from Beauty and the Beast, eh? When you marry somebody, you get their family too and maybe Jesse would have gotten a rose last night had he not invited his werewolf brother to the family party to scare Jillian away.

Wes makes my blood boil, especially since he got Michael’s rose. I hope Jillian is feeling like an idiot as she watches the episodes now because she sure is acting like one. And if Wes really does have a girlfriend, that girl is an idiot too. Aside from the music and girlfriend thing, Wes isn’t even cool. He is boring and cheesy. And thank you Jake for trying to save the day, but apparently Jillian is blinded by love…or stupidity.

Speaking of Jake, I’m sure you can guess my laugh out loud moment this week. Sure enough, anyone leaning over a balcony bawling their eyes out is going to get a laugh out of me and Jake is no exception. He’s a very nice guy, but man, that was funny.


Krista said...

wow. i don't even know what to say. i mean really? wes? really? jake (who has no reason to lie) comes back and says what tanner already said and YOU DON"T BELIEVE HIM! Jillian. you're an idiot. and if you end up with Wes, you deserve what's coming. (i cannot WAIT for "men tell all").

and yeah, Jesse (who i loved) had a rough hometown date. Kiptyn's mom is crazy. we all said the same thing about Reid vs. chandler! and Michael ... sweet Michael. i adore him.

and ED! my man is BACK! :)

we are on the same page girlie. :)

Phil and Holly said...

Ohhh I couldnt have said it better. Jesse's brother was a BEAST and I would've run like heck away too. Aside from Kiptyn's mother, doesnt it bug the heck out of you how he moves his mouth when he talks?? ugh. Ed's the man. And yes I am really hoping Michael is the next Bachelor, he is so sweet and fun... I dont care that he teaches break dancing for a living anymore :)

Cameron & Ashley said...

I don't understand how so many girls loved Jesse. I thought he was lame. Anyone who says frolicking in the snow is the best thing they've ever done should be slapped. Seriously, how much fun could that have really been?!? And the facial hair... sick! Eew, I thought he was gross. And Wes wasn't saying anything or moving at all while the whole Jake thing was going on, he wasn't even trying to convince Jillian of anything, so my question is how in the heck did she buy all of his nothingness?!? I hate her. She deserves to be unhappy. Anyone who says they'd rather go with their heart than straight up fact (basically) is a moron in my book. :) Was that a little harsh? ha!

Andrew and Jenna said...

I'm pretty sure that Jesse had the same haircut as his brother before the show, and they made him cut it. Jillian's only chance at happiness is with either Ed or Michael, and half of that chance is gone now. I thought she could be happy with Kiptyn until I saw his mom. Yikes. And Michael, sweet Michael. I had tears in my eyes when he was leaving. If the bachelor doesn't bring him back for his own season, I've lost all faith in the show. I hate Jillian so bad right now that I hope she, Wes, and Laurel live happily ever after.

Jami said...

I love you guys. It's too bad we can't all watch this show together. That would be entertaining...but maybe too loud :)

E-Lo said...

YES, YES, YES... Michael as the next bachelor. Please ABC!!!! Let's call and vote for him. They never had a young bachelor and with Michael being SO cute, funny and sweet it will be the best season ever.
I think Jill will pick ED :)