Friday, June 19, 2009

So late

After a devastating few days of having no cable or internet, I have had to resort to other methods of entertainment, ie: the 1069 page book that I cannot seem to put down. However, I was finally able to watch the Bachelorette moments ago and I don't even want to do a full blog about it for two reasons. #1 Since I'm about 5 days late, the drama has passed for all of you, and there's gonna be a new episode to worry about soon enough (I cheated, that was 3 reasons packed into 1). #2 I'm in mourning over the loss of Ed. I can't believe my man Ed just bounced with the quickness and blew it like that. Thanks to ABC and their schemingly, manipulative ways, however, I can't get rid of the hope in my heart that he could return. I'd like to let it go and move on, but ABC is always pulling the rug out from under me so I just don't know what to think anymore. Deanna came back...why can't Ed?

My laugh out loud moment this week happened twice...once, of course, when Jillian and Kiptyn were kissing (I've come to realize that maybe he sucks at it's that overly-aggressive lower lip of his) and second, after Ed left and Jillian was in the elevator fighting back the tears over her loss. Sometimes I can be so heartless, I know it. 

If you're completely lost in the romance of all that is the Bachelorette, just start noticing the way that Jillian rubs her lipstick in. It will bring you back to the reality. Until next time!!...(I have 350 more pages to read by Monday night). 


Andrew and Jenna said...

What book are you reading? I was sad to see Ed go too. Even more sad that ABC keeps making us think that Wes is going to be the one gone, and then he never is.

Phil and Holly said...

Did you watch the ending clip where they give a peek into future episodes? They are all talking about how one of the guys couldnt perform in bed (by the voice it sounds like Jake) and Jillians all crying about it and such. Whoa... ABC, I dont know what to say. I saw a hilarious recap about it on The Soup. What are you reading? I'm a bookworm and always looking for something new to read


Krista said...

It's Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Jenn. I liked it too. Very thought provoking. Jami, you are such an entertaining critic. I laugh just reading your posts.